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Name About Subject
Vrunda Pawar
Manjushree Magesh
Saatwik Murotia I am Saatwik stuyding in class 11 in Indian School Muscat, Oman. I got third rank in my school in 10th board exam results securing 98.2 % . I personally believe that teaching is one of the best forms of charity and giving and spreading knowledge is also a way of earning it. I will teach Class 11. Physics Chemistry Biology and Maths
Aarav Bedi I am Aarav Bedi, a senior of DPS-Modern Indian School studying PCM&Computers. I am the HeadBoy of the school. My interest lies in playing guitar, swimming, debating and most of all, interacting with new students. I would be glad to help everyone out for the mentioned subjects for grades below 12th. Physics, Chemistry, Math, English(12th and Below)
Aarohi Sharma
Abhishek Chand
Elsa Abiad
Elsa Abiad
Aina Merchant Hey! This is Aina Merchant, a senior at DPS-MIS, who is passionate about debating, badminton and computer science. I'm also obsessed with books, would jump at any chance to travel, and ardently wish to give back to the community by helping young minds strengthen their foundational skills. English (School: below grade 12, SAT, IELTS), Math (School: below grade 12, SAT), Physics (School: below grade 12), Chemistry (School: below grade 12), Computer Science (School: below grade 12)
Anirudh Prabhu I consider myself as a student with a good grasp on the English language and I aspire to be a writer one day. I am in the last year of my education with DPS-MIS and I hope to take the knowledge I've gotten from my years at the school and help others with it. English (Grade 8-10)
Keira Antao Hi! I'm Keira and I'm a Junior at DPS-MIS, Qatar. Building a foundation in a course, in my opinion, is critical at an early level. Music has always piqued my curiosity. I've also developed an unhealthy reading addiction. I believe I'll be of great assistance with the information I possess. Social Studies, Physics, Chemistry, Maths
Anushkaa Chandel
Ananya Srinivasan I am a ninth grader who has received the scholar badge for 4 consecutive years. I've had some great teachers who have given me a different view of each subject and I want to help others gain the same love I have for these subjects. I would like to tutor 6-8th graders in Science, English and Maths. Science(Physics, Chemistry, Biology), Mathematics, English, History
Aria Biswas
Arjun Jayaprakash
Avisha Sharma Hi, I am Avisha Sharma, a high school girl studying at her last year right now before she boards of majoring In commerce. I like a lot of things that engage me for long like writing, reading and even wandering through the nature can be called one. I feel if there are some changes we need in the world, We have to teach and guide to make them go on the right way. A way where we shall learn together and better. And I am here willing to make that change. : ) ENGLISH, ACCOUNTS, BUSINESS
Bade Nilima
Bade Nilima
Bipin Kumar Nayak
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Chelsea Wagner
Jing Wen Chew
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Daiwik Dhar Hello! I'm Daiwik Dhar, a freshman at DPS Modern Indian School. Some of my hobbies include debating, MUN and reading! I absolutely love STEM and really want to make a positive impact on the community! Math (Until 8th Grade), Physics and Chemistry (Until 8th Grade), History and Geography (Until grade 8)
Dayne Jinoy
Eaira Merin Neero
Keerthana Sundarapandian
Eshan Singhal My name is Eshan Singhal and I’m a sophomore at The Oakridge School in Arlington, Texas. I am very passionate about saving our environment and even started a non-profit dedicated to doing just that! I also love all STEM activities and subjects as well as playing with my 4 year old brother! Any
Gargee Kanade
Geetika Gatram My name is Geetika Gatram, I am from Andhra Pradesh, India. I am currently in 11th Grade. I love reading comics and watching drama's/TV shows. I have a passion for cooking, drawing and dancing. I love listening to music. I would love to teach grades 10th and below. Mathematics, Social Studies, Science
K SYNA REDDY I am a student of class 11. I have scored 95% in 10th board. I would like to teach maths and remove fear of this subject from your minds. I would love to teach students of class 5 Maths
Santhana Kumari
Gunjan Bansal My name is Gunjan. I am from Punjab, India. I am currently pursuing BDS . I love reading books, painting and listening music. I would love to help out students with their queries and doubts. Biology (Grade 6 to 10)
Aditya G
Aliya Khan Hi, I'm Aliya. I am an 11th-grade science student. I know that many students struggle in school, but I believe that every student can excel with the right support and guidance. I can assure you that students will succeed in even the most difficult subjects with the right supervision. chemistry, physics, biology, mathematics and social studies for class 10
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Janani Venkat I'm currently studying in grade 11 and am a curious and enthusiastic person who loves learning new things. I enjoy singing and reading and occasionally engage myself in painting or sketching. I find it easy to learn and understand whatever is taught in school and hence feel the need to impart my knowledge and understandings to others. Maths, Biology, Chemistry, History, Geography, Science, SST
Khushi Trivedi
kishore kumar
Bade Nilima Hello everyone I am Bade Nilima of class 12. I have taken humanities stream. And I feel really good by geeting this wonderful opportunity. I will give my best. Thank you History
Lekha Rao Gopal I am a junior in highschool. I study in a CBSE cirriculum. I can teach students upto grade 10 science
Manal Asif Hamdulay I am Manal Asif Hamdulay and presently I am studying in the 12th grade. I am also the director of the math club in my school. I have always believed in helping other and I enjoy teaching others and believe that it will help me also and what could be better than teaching other. Biology 8 9 10 11 12 , math 8 9 10 11 chemistry 8 9 10 physics 8 9 10
Manish Kumar
Mouhamad Saleh
Syed Zidane Imran Mushtaq Grade 1- 11 Maths, French, Physics, Chemistry
Aditya Boase
Naysa Gupta I'm a high school student looking forward to learn everyday! It would be my pleasure to teach and convey whatever I've learnt yet to young students. I can teach students from grade 2-5 Maths/English
Rebecca Philips
T ALEKHYA I am T. Alekhya from class 9A. I enjoy teaching and helping other children who are in need. I will be comfortable to teach grade 5 and 6. History
Bade Nilima Hey I m Nilima. Really feel lucky to get this opportunity. So I m student of Aps bolarum and I have taken Humanities stream . So really like to teach political science to class 8 and 9 . Political science
paankhi desai
NIHIRA A I'm Nihira Acharya. I have a younger brother and I love teaching him about diffe English
Roaa Al Homoud I am starting my sophomore year at AAS -New Campus, Qatar. My hobbies include reading, writing, debating, and playing chess and checkers. I enjoy talking and finding solutions to the issues in our world, and debating unlocks that part of my brain. People often ask me for help with things they don't understand. The more I was asked, the more it inspired me to help others. I would always feel happy when I see the people I tutored, satisfied with the better grade they got. From that experience, I learned that it's crucial to find a learning style that fits a person best. I hope to do that with my future students! Biology 9th grade, Math 7th-10th grade (SAT MATH), Physics 7th grade, Chemistry 7th & 8th grade, History 10th grade, English 7th-10th grade (SAT ENGLISH).
Ryba Pahwa I am currently schooling and i would love to teach children from class 4 to 9 english,social science
Samriddhi Bhardwaj Hey I'm Samriddhi. I'm a junior in DPS- MIS studying PCM Computers. I'm interested in majoring in Computer Science and/ or Mathematics. Apart from school, I enjoy playing music (guitar, bass and percussion instruments). I like public speaking, writing and reading. I'd be glad to help out with schoolwork. I can take classes for mentioned subjects for grades including and below grade 11. Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, English, Computer Science
Juan Joseph Hey! I'm Juan and I'm a senior at DPS MIS Doha. I'm currently studying PCM and Computer. Some of my hobbies also include playing the keyboard, and interacting with people. I'd love to be of assistance to students in the subjects of Math and Physics (Class 10 and below) Mathematics and Physics
Sarvesh Parab
Sneha Bavishi
Shaila Varijakshan
MADHUSHREE R I am an avid reader and and have had the opportunity to learn from various schools around the country. I'll be comfortable teaching classes 3, 4 or 5 Mathematics, English
Simran Singhal My name is Simran. I am 13 years old based in US. Math, English, science
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Syeda Juveria
Aarya Rajesh Kongath I am an energetic and diligent student in 8th grade. I really love to share my knowledge and help other students like me! I am willing to teach till students of 6th grade. Science, Social Science and French
Sree Akshara Hi, I am Sree Akshara of grade 11 in DPS- MIS, Qatar. I strongly believe that " knowledge increases by sharing, not by saving ". studying shouldn't be seen as a burden , therefore i would love to help students think otherwise. Biology, Physics/Chemistry , Tamil (2nd / 3rd language)
Liyaan Nakkala
Srina Bose
Srividya Dontaraju I am a grade 11 student in DPS MIS, Doha Qatar. I am a commerce student with maths.I can teach maths for grades below 9 and science for grades below 8.I really look forward to teaching. Mathematics,Science and Accountancy
Sarvesh Parab
BHARAT MISHRA I am Bharat Mishra studying in Army Public school Bolarum I would like to teach class 2 and 3 Math
Anusha Rodrgues
Fathimath Sulfiya
Swapnil Garg I have recently completed 12th grade and I can teach Computer Science to grade 11th and 12th mostly as I am more into the programming part rather than the theory part. I will be free to teach from 5 September onwards. Computer Science
Tala Ateia
Sheza Kabeer
Tutor Shriya
Umer Shaikh
Vaisakh Manoj Menon I am Vaisakh Manoj Menon, currently a senior at Doha Modern Indian School, learning Physics, Chemistry, Math and Computer Science. Being a student myself, I can understand the various difficulties one faces on the path of learning, and am happy to help fellow students overcome such difficulties! Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics below 12th grade
Vande Aggarwal Will teach in an interactive and entertaining way n will give u clear vision of the topic. Will focus and initiate in concept building . STUDYING IS NOT AN ACT OF CRAMMING AND WRITING, IT'S AN ART OF UNDERSTANDING, RETAINING AND EXPRESSING.... Science
Vanishka Karkera I am currently in class 11 and have always been interested to develop and learn new skills . I take interest in academic ,drawing and travelling . I think getting the basics clear is the most important step and feel the need to help others to build a strong base and make learning fun . Biology, computer science
Varsha Sabesan HELLO!Iam Varsha and iam 12th passed out.Iam basically mad on teaching..and I want to become a great professor in future.My inspiration is always Dr.Sarvapilai Radhakrishnan.Iam a passionate dancer too...Iam very eagerly waiting to share my thoughts and understandings to others,which I always do!. Interested to teach Maths and science from grade 1 to 10
MOHAMMED WASIF UMAIR Hey, this is Wasif; currently a junior at DPS-MIS majoring in PCM Computer Science. I am also the director of the Math club at DPS-MIS. "Mathematics the most-hated Subject" was the title of an editorial that appeared in a large newspaper. I have set out to convert this most hated to most preferable subject .I would love to teach students MATHS out of the context of view of an examination, rather would want to teach them: how Math can help them out in any sphere of life. Mathematics(till 10th grade), SAT Math(both non calculator and calculator)
Aria Biswas
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Zaima Sabir I am an 8th grader and soon I will be promoted to 9th grade. Hence i would love to teach students from KG till grade 8th. Science, Maths, Social Science
Zalak Pandit I'm currently studying in 11th grade and take an interest in painting and photography. A few years back, when I was in elementary and middle school I had a few doubts in some concepts and didn't do anything about it. I regretted it in higher classes. Many children still make the same mistake. I am happy to be a part of this initiative that stops people from making the same mistake I did. Happy learning! Chemistry - Grade 6-10